2 Essential Services To Take Advantage Of When Having Your Dog Groomed

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2 Essential Services To Take Advantage Of When Having Your Dog Groomed

4 March 2016
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A pet grooming service can be a huge help when it comes to ensuring that your dog stays in the best possible shape for as long as possible, mostly because of the many different grooming options that the service can provide. While a lot people typically only utilize a pet grooming service for bathing and cutting their dog's fur, groomers also offer a lot of very important services that are often overlooked. Listed below are two services to take advantage of when you have your dog groomed.

Teeth Cleaning

One of the most neglected aspects of pet grooming on the part of the owner is teeth cleaning. Many dog owners seem to think that simply providing a bone or certain types of treats are sufficient to keep their dog's teeth in great shape, but that is incorrect as far more work is needed in order to keep your dog's teeth from decaying and their gums from becoming diseased.

A pet grooming service is a great way to ensure that your dog's teeth are well cared for as they can not only deal with breath issues, but also do an extensive brushing to remove stains and debris. A nice added bonus to this is that the groomer will also be able to let you know if he or she noticed any dental issues that you should bring up with your vet, such as sores in the dog's mouth or large cavities. The teeth brushing service is also especially useful if you have not trained your dog from a puppy to be used to teeth cleanings or if you adopted an older dog as it can often be very difficult for the average pet owner to clean a dog's teeth if the dog is not used to it.

Nose And Pad Treatments

Another service that you should definitely consider when having your dog groomed is nose and pad treatment. This service is designed to deal with the pain that can often come about when a dog's nose or paw pads become extremely dry and become cracked, which typically occurs in the summer.

When the nose and paw pads dry out to that extent, it can cause your dog a lot of pain while also making it difficult for your dog to walk comfortably if the paw pads are cracked and split. A pet groomer can help you with this by placing a variety of balms, lotions, or oils on those areas in order to help them heal, alleviate irritation, and moisturize the area to avoid issues in the future.

Contact a pet groomer (like Pet Vet Animal Clinic & Mobile Practice Ltd) in order to discuss the many great and beneficial services that he or she can provide for your dog. You should definitely consider taking advantage of essential services, such as teeth cleaning and nose/paw pad treatments during a grooming appointment in order to make your pet as healthy and comfortable as possible.