Puppy Love: 3 Reasons Why Your New Puppy Needs Professional Grooming

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Puppy Love: 3 Reasons Why Your New Puppy Needs Professional Grooming

5 July 2016
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You love your new puppy and you want to do everything you can to keep it healthy. One way to help keep your puppy happy and healthy is to provide it proper grooming. You might think that grooming only takes care of their fur, but proper grooming entails so much more. Here are three important reasons why your puppy should be professionally groomed.

Healthy Feet

Your puppy's feet need the specialized care that only professional grooming can provide. During a grooming session, the fur will be trimmed from around the toes and foot pads on your puppy's feet. This is important because long fur can attract stickers and other sharp objects that can injure your puppy's feet.

In addition to trimming the fur, your puppy's toenails will also be trimmed. Long nails can lead to serious foot injuries. Long nails can get snagged on carpeting and other fabrics, which can cause the nail to get ripped out. Nail injuries can lead to infections that can cause health problems for your puppy. To protect your puppy's delicate feet, they should be groomed on a regular basis. 

Clean Ears

Your puppy will need to have its ears cleaned on a regular basis. While you can provide routine cleanings with a moist cloth, your puppy will still need to receive professional care of its ears. Mites, fleas, and ticks can burrow deep into your puppy's ears. If you're not trained to recognize the symptoms, you might miss the infestation. A thorough cleaning at the veterinarian's office will allow the vet to diagnose ear problems that could affect your puppy's health.

Strong Teeth

Like you, your puppy will need to have regular dental check-ups. Those can be performed while your puppy is being groomed in the vet's office. You might not realize this, but your puppy is susceptible to many of the same dental problems that can cause you pain and discomfort – cavities, decay and gum disease. If your puppy develops gum disease, the infection can pass through to the bloodstream and make your puppy ill. In fact, research shows that untreated canine gum disease can cause chronic pain and bone loss. You can protect your puppy's teeth by making sure dental check-ups are part of its grooming sessions at the veterinarian's office.

If you have a new puppy, you can keep it healthy and happy by taking it to the vet for professional grooming. With proper grooming, your pet can maintain healthy feet, ears, and teeth.