How To Recognize When Something Is Really Wrong With Your Pet

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How To Recognize When Something Is Really Wrong With Your Pet

24 February 2018
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Humans that are in tune with their pets automatically know that something is wrong with their furry friends. If you are a first-time pet owner, or you wish you could be that in tune with your pet, you have to start with your pet's personality. When your pet does not seem him/herself, then you know that something is wrong. Here are some other telltale signs that will help you recognize when something is really wrong with your pet, and whether or not your pet is in need of services from an emergency pet clinic.

Your Pet Has Not Drank in Thirty-Six Hours or More

Life is crazy, and spotting things of an emergency nature takes a little time. However, if you suddenly realize that your pet did not come around to drink any water in the last 36 hours, you best find him/her. It only takes three or four days for humans and animals to die without water, and at 36 hours, your pet is approaching critical.

There is clearly something wrong with him/her that he/she has not taken a drop of water recently. The vet will administer subcutaneous fluids almost immediately so that your pet will be rehydrated quickly. Then the vet will take an x-ray and look for causes, which, hopefully, will not be anything too serious.

Your Pet Has Been in Hiding or Refuses to Play

If you normally have a lap cat that comes around when you watch TV or a dog that begs to play, and then does not, something is wrong. Either your pet has an injury you cannot see which is causing him/her a lot of pain, or something else internally is causing your pet to hide/refuse to play. Watch him/her for another day to see if there is anything else your furry friend refuses to do, such as eat or drink. Then take your pet to the vet right away.

Lots of Vomiting or Blood in the Stool

Pets cannot speak human, and we cannot speak animal. That is why your pet will never tell you that he/she is sick. Instead, you have to watch for things like seizures, excessive vomiting, and/or blood in the feces. If you spot these things, your pet is very sick indeed. It could be something curable or treatable, in which case you owe it to your pet to get him/her to the emergency animal clinic immediately.

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