What You Should Know About A Pregnant Chihuahua

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What You Should Know About A Pregnant Chihuahua

9 October 2015
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Has your Chihuahua been less playful than usual? It is possible that your Chihuahua is pregnant, and you should get her to a vet as soon as possible in case she needs special care. Your pet may need to have a C-section to safely deliver her puppies. Here is what you should know about a pregnant Chihuahua and what a C-section might cost.

What Are Signs that a Chihuahua Is Pregnant?

One of the symptoms experienced by a pregnant Chihuahua is more irritability. Your pet may begin sleeping more than she used to and not want to be bothered. Your Chihuahua may also like to stay in one particular spot when she is resting. Trying to play with her may lead to a lot of barking and growling. Vomiting is another sign that your pet is pregnant.

If you notice that your pet is getting a big stomach, you should make an appointment with a veterinarian as soon as possible to find out. It can be risky for a small dog to carry a large amount of puppies. A vet will examine your Chihuahua to diagnose pregnancy and determine how many puppies she is carrying. If there are a lot of puppies, the vet may request that your pet is closely monitored to prevent her from giving natural birth. A C-section may be the safest way to deliver the puppies, so your pet might have to stay in an animal hospital when she is close to labor.

The vets at the animal hospital will monitor your pet until she begins to whine a lot. The whining is a sign that she is in labor and the C-section should be performed. She may also start vomiting more during labor. After the puppies are delivered, your Chihuahua may have to stay in the hospital until she recovers from surgery.

What Is the Cost of a C-section for a Chihuahua?

The price for your Chihuahua to undergo a C-section will depend on the severity of the situation. For instance, the price will be more expensive for an emergency C-section that is done at an unplanned time. You should expect to pay a minimum of $500, but the total can be as much as $2,000. The extent of time that your pet has to stay in the animal hospital will also have an effect on the overall price. Get your Chihuahua examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible in case she is pregnant!