3 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a Day Care Interview

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3 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a Day Care Interview

16 October 2015
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Not all dog day care centers ask for interviews, but many do. This is to ensure that your dog will be a good fit with the day care. For example, if your dog is aggressive towards strangers or doesn't get along well with other dogs, they will be unhappy in a large social setting like a day care, and they will also disturb the other dogs.

If there is an interview, a good first step is to ask the day care what the process is like. They want your dog to succeed (a dog that enjoys day care is likely a success for them), so they should be happy to tell you what they're looking for and what would cause them to reject a dog. The most common things day cares try to avoid are dogs that are too anxious or too aggressive—but even if this is the case with your dog, that doesn't mean they can't go to day care. It just means they may need a little work first.

Visit Dog Parks

Some dogs become timid and anxious around others, but a dog that is aggressive or territorial around other dogs may also be expressing anxiety, especially if they aren't used to socializing. If your dog doesn't have experience being around other dogs, look for a dog park in your area and start taking your dog for walks there. This sort of exposure can help get your dog used to meeting new people and dogs, and it's great exercise as well.

Start Obedience Training

If your dog continues to have problems around other dogs, you can look into obedience classes. These courses usually last several weeks and may even come in different levels, with basic classes focusing on avoiding behaviors like jumping or barking and teaching dogs to respond to basic commands like "sit" and "stay." More advanced classes may work on teaching dogs to ignore distractions or respond well in stressful situations.

Just as important is the fact that an obedience class will be full of other dogs and their owners; this means that your dog will learn these skills in a social setting. At the end of the class, they should also be more comfortable in social situations like those of a dog day care.

Mimic the Behavior You Want to See

Dogs are pack animals, and they take a lot of their cues from you as their owner. The more stressed out you are, the more likely your dog is to see day care as a stressful thing (and the same goes for preparation like visiting dog parks or going to obedience school).

This means that it's best to treat the interview like a fun adventure. Even if your dog is rejected, there are things you can do to help them become more comfortable and social, and then you can try again. For more tips or assistance, contact local dog day care centers like Woodside Veterinary Hospital.