5 Ways To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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5 Ways To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

19 October 2015
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A chubby dog might be as cute as a button, but all that extra weight is not good for his health. Obesity can increase a dog's risk of several diseases including diabetes and cancer. If your pooch is currently overweight, there are several things you can do to help him get down to a healthy weight.

Switch to Grain Free Kibble

Traditional kibble contains corn and other fillers that are high in calories and not very nutritious for your dog. If you start feeding your dog grain-free kibble, he will feel satisfied longer and not want to eat as much. When looking for grain-free kibble at the store, make sure meat is the first ingredient listed on the back.

Feed Veggies as Snacks

Although your pooch may enjoy a milk bone as a treat, it is packed with calories and fat grams. If your dog is hungry for a snack, feed him some veggies, such as carrots or green beans. Veggies are low in calories and high in nutrients, so your dog will get a lot of health benefits from them.

Exercise Your Dog

Making sure your dog gets proper exercise will help him lose weight even faster. For example, take him for a 20-minute walk after work every day. You can also throw a ball or Frisbee with your pooch in the backyard. Regular exercise will also help your dog work off extra energy.

Do not Leave the Dog Bowl on the Floor

It is not a good idea to leave your dog's bowl on the floor all day. If you do this, your dog might eat when he is bored. Keep your dog's bowl on the counter until it's meal time.

Always Measure Your Dog's Food

Even if you think you're good at guessing how much food your dog needs, always use a measuring cup. It is very easy to give your dog too much food. Ask a veterinarian how many cups of food your dog should eat in one sitting, and stick by those guidelines.

If you take control of your dog's diet and exercise routine, you can help him lose weight. However, if your pooch is still having trouble dropping the pounds, schedule an appointment with his veterinarian. When you take your dog to the animal clinic, the veterinarian will run some tests to determine if an underlying health condition is hindering your dog's weight loss.

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