That's Disgusting! 4 Ways To Cure Your Dogs Flatulence

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That's Disgusting! 4 Ways To Cure Your Dogs Flatulence

5 November 2015
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Can your dog clear the room with its gas? If it can, you're probably wishing you could find an easy way to cure the problem. Before you toss your dog outside when the odor gets too bad, you should know that there are a few tricks that will cure the unwelcome stench. Here are four simple techniques you can try.

Go for a Walk

If your dog leads a sedentary life – meaning it spends most of its time lounging in the house – gases from undigested food could be building up in the stomach. Help work those gases out of your dog before they get a chance to ferment in the gut. Take your dog for a walk at least once a day – preferably after a meal. The exercise will help speed up digestion and get rid of the gas. An added benefit is that the gas will be expelled outside.

Get Rid of the Soy

Small amounts of soy can be beneficial for your dog. Unfortunately, many dog foods are high in soy products. Excessive soy consumption can cause flatulence, especially if your dog has an intolerance to soy products. Take a look at the label of the food you normally serve your dog. If soy is one of the first ingredients, it may be time to start shopping for a food that's low in soy. A word of caution though. When changing your dog's diet, it's best to do it slowly or you could end up with a bigger flatulence problem.

Keep the Trash Up

Does your dog like to dig through the trash for tasty morsels? If it does, those morsels could be causing gas. If your dog has a habit of digging through the trash, be sure to keep the lids on your buckets. The less trash your dog eats, the less gas it will have.

Put an End to Speedy Meals

If your dog eats food like it's trying to win a race, it could be swallowing air during mealtime. Unfortunately, swallowing air can cause stomach pain and gas build-up. If your dog eats too fast, make it slow down.  When you pour a bowl of dry dog food, place a clean tennis ball or chew toy in the there too. Your dog will have to work around the toy to get to the food, which will means it will have to slow down.

No one's a happy camper when your dog has gas. Use these simple steps to help alleviate the problem. If your dog continues to have problems with gas, be sure to speak to your veterinarian. There may be a medical reason for the flatulence.