3 Tips For Limiting Your Dog's Activity After Neutering Surgery

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3 Tips For Limiting Your Dog's Activity After Neutering Surgery

9 November 2015
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Dogs usually recover from neutering surgery within the first few days after the surgery. Therefore, they will have the sudden energy to play and jump around. However, this can be detrimental to the recovery process. The incision area is closed up using dissolvable stitches and this stitches need time to properly heal and close the wound. If your dog is jumping around and exerting a large amount of energy immediately after the surgery, this can compromise the incision area. Therefore, there are a few tips you can use in order to keep your dog still and occupied until they fully heal from neutering surgery.

Give Your Dog Memory Puzzles

Memory dog puzzles are designed to test your dog's brain memory and keep any physical activity to a minimum. Memory puzzles involve hiding dog treats underneath wooden blocks or toys that are included with the puzzle. It is up to your dog to determine where the treat is hidden. Once they find the treat, that also serves as their reward for completing the puzzle. Memory puzzles for dogs can easily be found at pet stores.

Practice Low-energy Obedience Training

Low-energy obedience training consists of teaching your dog how to do things that require very little energy. Teaching your dog how to clean up their toys and when to give up objects on command are good examples of dog training that require your dog to exert very little energy. You can perform numerous sessions throughout the day, but make sure they do not last longer than a few minutes. In addition, make sure you reward your dog when they get an exercise right. They will be more inclined to participate if they are rewarded for doing the exercises correctly.

Fill a Toy with Their Favorite Snack

Toys on their own are great for keeping a dog occupied for a long period of time. However, once you stuff the toy with their favorite snack, they will be focused on the toy until they have removed every bit of the snack. This will help to keep them in a resting position for an extended period of time. Foods like peanut butter and banana puree can be used to fill the toy.

If your dog begins running around and jumping too soon after neutering surgery, they can risk injuring themselves. Therefore, use these tips to help keep your dog occupied and still until they have fully healed. 

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