Keeping Your Pets Safe During Holiday Gatherings

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Keeping Your Pets Safe During Holiday Gatherings

29 November 2015
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If you have a holiday or family gathering coming up, you might be getting your home ready for this. Don't forget about your pet's needs and safety during events at your home as well. A good way to avoid an emergency trip to the animal hospital is to plan your upcoming gathering around your pet's needs. Here are four ways you can keep your pets safe during a holiday gathering. 

1. Keep Your Pets in a Safe Place

If your pets get shy or anxious in front of new people, don't set them up to fail by having them in the main room during your party. Keep pets in a back room where they can be safe and have their own space. This will keep your guests safe from anxious pets that might act out as well. If you are entertaining in the winter months, make sure the weather outside is safe if you plan on putting pets outdoors during your party.

2. Pick Pet-Friendly Decor

While you might want to spruce up your home with a few choice items for an upcoming party, don't forget what might be unsafe for your home. Candles can cause a fire hazard, so LED lighting might be a better option. If you will be buying seasonal plants or flowers, set these in areas that your pets cannot get to or ensure that the variety on display will be safe for your pets.

3. Choose Your Cleaning Products Wisely

While getting ready to have people over, you might want to make your house sparkle. Don't go overboard with unsafe cleaning products during a big clean. Make sure you are using pet-friendly products such as those that are vinegar or baking soda-based. Cleaning every surface and flooring area with chemical-based cleaners can make your pets sick if they will be on floors and surfaces.

4. No Table Scraps Allowed

If you have more social pets, they might be out and about during the festivities. Be sure that your guests understand the ground rules about no table scraps for your pets. A left out dairy-based alcoholic drink or piece of chocolate cake might be too much for your pet to not sneak a taste and can be bad for their health. If you are worried your dog or cat may have gotten into something, a call to the vet for advice is important.

Accidents happen, but the more you can do to keep your pets safe during your next family gathering, the better. Your pets might inadvertently get themselves into trouble if they are left unattended. If something does happen with your pet during a get-together, be sure to call your vet like one from Abri Animal Hospital and see if you should bring your pet in for care.