Canine Health: Two Issues You Should Understand

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Canine Health: Two Issues You Should Understand

5 February 2016
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If you are a dog owner, chances are that you worry about your dog's health as much as you do your own. There are a couple of canine health issues that are very popular with dog owners, and these issues are being addressed in news articles and veterinary medicine journals. If you smoke or have a cough, cold or the flu, the following information could be invaluable to you and your pooch.

Can I Make My Dog Sick?

Have you ever wondered if you can pass your cold or flu to your dog? Colds, influenza and other wintertime illnesses are highly contagious between humans. Hand-washing, sanitizing of dishes, clothing and linens are imperative when one human member of the house is sick. And when humans are sick or feeling under the weather, the first place they want to go for comfort may be the canine members of the family. Studies have shown that hugging your dog and giving him regular snuggles can actually boost your immune system. Doggie hugs and snuggles also provide mental health benefits. This is just as true when you are feeling under the weather. You can't pass your sniffly nose, raspy cough or even your influenza to your dog. Likewise, your furry friend can't pass his strain of the flu or a doggie cough to you. So, it is safe and even encouraged to invite your pets up on the bed to hug you and listen to you talk about your next trip to the dog park that you'll be taking him on once you kick the wintertime sicknesses. You should also ensure that both you and your pooch are up-to-date on your immunizations—including your flu shot and your pooch's bordatella vaccines.

Is Second-Hand Smoke Bad for My Dog?

We hear all about the evils of second-hand smoke for humans - especially for children, the elderly and those with allergies or compromised immune systems. Some smokers, however, are unaware of the dangers that second-hand smoke can present to our canine loved ones. Even though we can't pass respiratory illnesses to our pets, second-hand smoke is just as damaging for our dogs as it is for us. Pet owners are encouraged to stop smoking completely to preserve their pet's lungs and respiratory system. If you are a smoker and trying to quit, you should smoke outside, away from your dog while you are weaning yourself from your smoking habit. Giving up the cigarettes is one of the best things you can do for your health and the health of your pets.