Moving With Small Pets? 4 Reasons To Visit A Veterinarian First

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Moving With Small Pets? 4 Reasons To Visit A Veterinarian First

5 February 2016
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 Moving can come with a lot of uncertainties, from making sure that all of your belongings arrive safely at your new home to keeping your family comfortable during the drive. While moving with small pets can be easier than moving with the cat or dog, there are still some challenges that you should be aware of so that everyone arrives safely and in good health.

Whether you are moving with a rabbit, ferret, or even a mouse, a trip to the veterinarian can help provide you with peace of mind you need for a comfortable move.

Recommendations for Any Diet Changes

One of the most enticing reasons to visit a veterinarian is due to the personalized recommendations they can give for your pet. In many situations, your veterinarian may recommend switching to a diet higher in some nutrients, helping to provide your pet with a boost to their immune system.

Potential Medications to Help with Anxiety

It is fairly common for veterinarians to prescribe anxiety medication for both cats and dogs, but it may not be as common for smaller animals. While you may not be able to get medications for some small animals such as rats or gerbils, your veterinarian may be able to provide you with supplements for herbal remedies to help encourage sleepiness and cut down on any potential anxiety.

Thorough Wellness Check for Safe Traveling

In order for your pet to move safely to your new home, it is vital that they are already in good health. Traveling with a pet that is sick or has an untreated disease could lead to serious complications once you arrive at your new home for your pet falling ill along the way. Both of these situations can end up costing hundreds or thousands in vet bills, making a thorough wellness check before you leave a smart idea.

Potential Vaccines for Your Destination

While vaccinations may not be common in smaller animals such as mice or rats, it is fairly common for rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs. Depending on where you're moving to, there may be a change in the vaccinations your pet requires – making it important to get familiar with what kinds of rules there are before you arrive.

Keeping your pet safe and happy during the move has a lot to do with what kind of preparations you make. With a visit to the vet at the animal hospital scheduled weeks before the day of your move, you can make sure that your small pets will be healthy during the move and after you arrive at your new home.