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Moving With Small Pets? 4 Reasons To Visit A Veterinarian First

5 February 2016
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 Moving can come with a lot of uncertainties, from making sure that all of your belongings arrive safely at your new home to keeping your family comfortable during the drive. While moving with small pets can be easier than moving with the cat or dog, there are still some challenges that you should be aware of so that everyone arrives safely and in good health. Whether you are moving with a rabbit, ferret, or even a mouse, a trip to the veterinarian can help provide you with peace of mind you need for a comfortable move. Read More …

Dog Flu: What You Need To Know

26 January 2016
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You may have heard recent reports of a flu that affects dogs, called dog flu. This disease seems to be rapidly going through dog populations and making them sick. As a dog owner, you may have some concerns about this illness affecting your dog, and you are worried about taking your dog out in public for fear of him catching it. Read on for more information on what dog flu is and how to keep your dog from contracting this illness. Read More …

Transporting Your Cat For A Long Distance In Your Vehicle

17 December 2015
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If you are moving to a new home far from where you live presently and you plan to transport your cat in your vehicle, you will want to take precautionary steps to ensure their safety while in transit. Moving with a cat is not difficult if you prepare ahead. Here are some tips to use when making a move with your feline. Create The Right Environment Having a cat cage to house your cat while in transit is best. Read More …

New Pet Owners: Understand The Dangers That The Holiday Season Brings

2 December 2015
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Winter is by far one of the most magical times of years for families, friends and even furry companions. However, just as there are certain traditions that may put humans at risk, there are some holiday traditions that could prove to be potential hazards for your four-legged friends. Before you delve too deep into the winter and holiday season, here are a few things to keep in mind if you're a new pet owner: Read More …

Keeping Your Pets Safe During Holiday Gatherings

29 November 2015
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If you have a holiday or family gathering coming up, you might be getting your home ready for this. Don't forget about your pet's needs and safety during events at your home as well. A good way to avoid an emergency trip to the animal hospital is to plan your upcoming gathering around your pet's needs. Here are four ways you can keep your pets safe during a holiday gathering.  Read More …