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How To Give Your Pot Bellied Pig A Pedicure

9 June 2016
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Urban pot bellied pigs are at particular risk of developing overgrown, curved, and misshapen hooves, because of their relative lack of access to uneven or rough terrain on which to wander. These types of surfaces will often keep hooves down to a manageable level. However, all pot bellied pigs are susceptible to overgrown hooves, especially if they are overweight or older and thus more sedentary. While it may be a challenge to to give some pigs a pedicure, you can make it easier on yourself and your porcine companion by preparing both you and the pig for the procedure. Read More …

Protect Your Outdoor Dog From Hypothermia This Winter

10 March 2016
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Many people assume that their outdoor dog is capable of handling very cold weather without extra accommodations, but this can lead to a dangerous situation for many animals. Knowing how to protect your outdoor dog from cold weather and how to recognize the signs of hypothermia can help you keep your dog safe this winter. Ensure Your Dog's Shelter is In Good Condition Your dog should have a location outdoors where he or she can go to sleep and be safe from the cold. Read More …

2 Essential Services To Take Advantage Of When Having Your Dog Groomed

4 March 2016
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A pet grooming service can be a huge help when it comes to ensuring that your dog stays in the best possible shape for as long as possible, mostly because of the many different grooming options that the service can provide. While a lot people typically only utilize a pet grooming service for bathing and cutting their dog's fur, groomers also offer a lot of very important services that are often overlooked. Read More …

5 Precautions That Make Owning A Cat Possible When You Are Allergic To Them

25 February 2016
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If you love cats but are allergic to them, you don't have to write off owning a cat forever.  If you take the right precautions, you can protect yourself from the elements of your cat that you are allergic to while also enjoying the company of your very own cat. Here are five precautions you can take. #1 Understand Your Actual Allergy The first thing you have to do is understand that most individuals who are diagnosed as being allergic to cats are actually allergic to the proteins that are secreted from a cat's skin and saliva. Read More …

Canine Health: Two Issues You Should Understand

5 February 2016
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If you are a dog owner, chances are that you worry about your dog's health as much as you do your own. There are a couple of canine health issues that are very popular with dog owners, and these issues are being addressed in news articles and veterinary medicine journals. If you smoke or have a cough, cold or the flu, the following information could be invaluable to you and your pooch. Read More …