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That’s Disgusting! 4 Ways To Cure Your Dogs Flatulence

5 November 2015
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Can your dog clear the room with its gas? If it can, you're probably wishing you could find an easy way to cure the problem. Before you toss your dog outside when the odor gets too bad, you should know that there are a few tricks that will cure the unwelcome stench. Here are four simple techniques you can try. Go for a Walk If your dog leads a sedentary life – meaning it spends most of its time lounging in the house – gases from undigested food could be building up in the stomach. Read More …

Have A Hot Dog? 4 Things To Do When Your Dog Has A Fever

4 November 2015
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Is your dog acting lethargic? Is its nose hotter than it usually is? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you dog may have caught a virus that's making it sick. Here are four steps you should take if your dog seems to have a fever. Take its Temperature Before you do anything else, it's important that you take your dog's temperature. A low-grade temperature is easy to handle but anything higher than 103 degrees will require a phone call to the local veterinarian. Read More …

It’s A Break-Out: 4 Steps For Relieving Pet Acne

3 November 2015
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Did you know that acne can also affect your dogs and cats? Animal acne is usually caused by a bacterial infection and it can be quite uncomfortable for your pets. The most common places for pet acne is on the face, particularly around the chin. If you notice small pimple-type sores on your pets face, you should try these simple home remedies. Keep It Clean One easy way to prevent pet acne is to keep their face clean. Read More …

Tips For Cleaning Your Cat’s Ears

2 November 2015
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Ear mites can become a real health hazard for your cat. These small insects can colonize the interior of your cat's ear, which can lead to irritation and itching. This in turn makes your cat more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections, which can lead to deafness or infections in other parts of the body. Weekly ear inspections are a must, followed by proper cleaning when necessary. The following guide can help you keep your cat's ears healthy. Read More …

4 Steps To Take If Your Dog Has Been Bitten

28 October 2015
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Dog fights can cause serious injuries. Even if you keep your dogs in the yard or only take them to dog parks where you can monitor their interactions with other dogs, there is still a chance that your dog will be bitten by another dog at some point in its life. If your dog has been bitten, you'll need to act quickly to treat the wound.  Here are four steps you should take if your dog has been bitten by another dog. Read More …